That Sinking Feeling

When the one I spend my weekends with and I saw the abandoned ferry, it was surrounded by water. I wanted to see it beached on the sand, so I went back at low(ish) tide today and took some more photographs, and I took the opportunity to compare the Samsung G800 with the Sony Ericsson K800i. I’m also putting up a Picassa album, it is past time I did so.

The image below was taken with the Sony Ericsson, and I’ve reduced it to 20% of it’s original size. It seems rather hazy, though in fairness the lens needed cleaning.

Sony Ericsson Contra Jour

The image below is the same shot with the Samsung. I’d run out of memory on the phone and the original was half the maximum size the camera will handle. It’s been reduced to about 60% of its original size to match the other image.

Samsung Contra Jour

Despite that, it does rather make the point though. I’ll do some more of these with clean lenses.

I’m usually very careful not to photograph other people’s children, but I could not resist this one which is 25% of the size of the original:

Family Walking

Back to the ferry: I thought the Sony Ericsson was giving me brighter colours at the time, but now I wonder if LCD screen on the Ericsson makes the colours appear brighter. I can adjust both LCD screens on both phones, so it’s pretty irrelevant really.

Once again, the Sony Ericsson appears hazy in comparison with the Samsung. Both images are reduced to 20% of the size of the original. The Sony Ericsson first:

Sony Ericsson Ferry

And now the Samsung – I was wingeing yesterday that every single thing is in focus in Samsung-land but – hey – it can look really good like that:

Sand and Ferry

The Samsung places brackets around the central section of the image when you look through the view finder which is distracting, and this is one of the few images I took this morning which doesn’t have the subject plonked in the middle of the picture.

I messed around with the zoom feature a bit as well today, but there are only so many photographs of the ferry that you or I can look at, gentle viewer, without our exasperation showing, so I’ll put up photos which demonstrate that feature another day.

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