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I’m not very keen on roses…

… but I made an exception for these, fresh from the cottage garden of my godmother’s neighbour and brought round in a jam jar as a gift.

Summer Roses

The photograph was taken with the G800 in sunlight so bright I could barely see the image on the screen.  All I have done is take it off the phone and reduce it to 40% of its original size.

Rubbishing Art


Harsh critique, eh?

(Photographed with the Samsung G800, with the contrast turned up a bit with PhotoImpact).

Orchids and Shoes – 1

Orchids and Shoes

I don’t know why I found it so satisfying when the young man put his newly polished shoes on the windowsill in front of the orchids.  I watched him clean them with spit and with polish.  A fascinating process, and you can just see how shiny it got them.  It photographed ok-ish.   The camera is more sensitive to light and dark than the human eye, so the curtains were much lighter and brighter than they show in the photograph.

Flash Parks

Some time ago there was a fashion, or a flashion perhaps, for flash mobbing.  Wikipedia’s current definition says: “A  is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse.”

The other day I took a trip from Settle to Carlisle, and when we got there, we found what I can only describe as a flash municipal park.

Carlisle Flash Park 02

The plants were orderly and very very plentiful and

Flash Park 01

so healthy and cheap that the one I was with had to remind me just how difficult it would be to wrestle them on and off the train.  Otherwise I’d have flashed my cash and bought half the pavement.



I’ve mentioned already that I work near an art gallery. I noticed a piece of opportunistic recycling as I walked into town today.

Reinstall 02

Apparently the artist

“creates new relationships, experimenting with unexpected combinations of materials creating objects and environments, which encourage us to see the everyday world with fresh eyes”

and she

“fashions monumental objects from scrapyard materials and throws them away after use”

Though I do wonder if a graffitied garage door is quite what she intended. It pleased me though.

Reducing and Cropping

The earlier mornings and later afternoons are a daily delight, and when you add sunshine it’s bliss.

Here’s today’s photograph, reduced to 25% of it’s original size:

Samsung G800 - Reduced Landscape

And here is the mid-section of the photograph at full resolution, but cropped.

Samsung G800 - Cropped Landscaped

Not in Cuneiform any More

I’d forgotten that I’d photographed a whiteboard at work today until I downloaded my other photos off my phone this evening.

Since this is a record of what I see each day as much as it’s anything, I put it up here as today’s offering.

Not in Cuneiform any More

It’s not inherently interesting, but in the context of this blog I take comfort that so much early cuneiform is the deadly dull record-keeping of Assyrian and Babylonian civil servants.

Incidentally, the optical zoom on the G800 was useful for this because it allowed me to stand at the other end of the table and photograph the board straight on and still get the image to fill the frame.