The Ladybird Book of the Sea Shore

Here are today’s offerings from the G800. As with yesterday’s photo, I think the colours are a bit washed out. On the other hand, this is England, this is February, colours are washed out.

We were going to Cleveleys for another reason entirely, and drove past the grounded ferry. For some reason a fire engine decided to drive along the promenade just as we arrived:

Ferry and Fire Engine

The ferry was the perfect opportunity to try out the optical and digital zoom on the camera:

Ferry and Fire Engine as was

The photo above is “au naturel” and the photo below has the 3x optical zoom:

Ferry and Fire Engine using optical zoom

This is the first time I’ve had a camera with a zoom lens, and I rather like it.  There’s also a digital zoom which I’ll play with another day.

There were buses and vans there too, for some reason to do with tram repairs:

Ferry bus and van

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the true ladybird shot, of the ferry, the fire engine, the bus, the van, a tram, a car and a plane.

There was one image which pleased me as an image rather than a camera test:

Tram tracks

As before, these are as they came off the camera, but reduced to 20% of their original size.

2 responses to “The Ladybird Book of the Sea Shore

  1. I really like the photograph with the 3x optical zoom. It makes it look so outstanding and impressive. I’ve always liked a good zoom lens on my camera and used to use it a lot to get the best photographs, even from things that weren’t that far away. That was before digital cameras came around. I know which digital camera I want, but it costs a fortune. I’ll have to sell a kidney or something.

  2. Those are some great shots. I’m also very curious about the grounded ferry. It looks very forlorn, laying in the water with its belly exposed like that.

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