Tulips up close and personal

The frustrating thing is that the Sony Ericsson has the better software controls (and I’ll miss them) but the Samsung is the better camera. These two photos were taken with everything except the flash and the focus turned to “auto”.

It’s not particularly bright in here (it’s my kitchen, it’s 7.00pm, it’s February) but both phones did pretty well.

Samsung Tulips

Interestingly, the Sony Ericsson (below) is closer to what I see, but the Samsung (above) is the more pleasing image.

Sony Ericsson - Tulips

Talking of not very bright – why did I commit to a photo every day for four weeks when it’s still dark in the evenings? Oh well.

2 responses to “Tulips up close and personal

  1. Yes, the top picture is the better one, so that is the Samsung and I think that is the camera I want, but the one that costs many hundreds of dollars or euros, in my case.

    No, I am wrong, I just looked it up. The camera I want is the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50K Digital Camera and it costs $550.

    Listen, I am not a cheap woman. I come with a price tag, but I don’t know where the money is going to come from, unless I sell a kidney or two.

    I know they take smashing photographs and that I absolutely have to have one. I can be very patient!

  2. Well, the G800 is officially a mobile phone. But it has a built in 5 megapixel camera with x3 optical zoom and rather limited software. Other people use their phones as MP3 players (though I could do that too, I think), or as mini PCs. I use mine as a camera and a radio.

    The thing that put me off about pre-digital photography is the on-going expense of film, the development costs and the size of the cameras. In fact, I’m as tight as a tick altogether, so rather than buy a digital camera, I just get a new phone when my contract’s up for renewal. I didn’t get the Nokia N95 because it’s just too plasticky.

    This time the contract I agreed gives me a lower bill per month, more calls and texts , a lower bill and a shiny new camera, er, phone. It’s an 18 month contract though, which is a first for me, but I guess there’ll be even cooler toys out there by then.

    I’m far to cheap to actually buy a camera!


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