If you are even slightly curious about how people tick or how money flows, then businesses are fascinating  They are some of the most accessible places to get to do serious systems thinking if that floats your boat (it floats mine), but they are also  full of ridiculous jargon, events and behaviours.  This section covers Business in a variety of ways.

  • Posts labelled “Business” discuss specific businesses  (HBOS, h2g2, Enron) and business topics (the banking crisis).
  • Posts labeled “Business Analysis” were written for a blog that discussed Business Analysis very directly.
  • Ones labeled “Academic” were tackle books or topics that I addressed when doing a masters in strategic management.
  • There are also several posts about the Business Analyst’s core skill set, asking questions (a skill-set that is common to sales people and a wide range of other professionals).  
  • Post labeled “Work” are mainly diary posts about my work-life at my previous job.
  • Finally, there is a pastiche of Chaucer, just for teh lols.

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