The Business Analyst’s Tale

A businesse analyst was there also
Who twixt the business and IT would go
Carrying messages and translating terms
Eating humble pie – or even worms.
She had a laptop and a white-board pen
Which she would use with flipchart paper when
She had a point to make, a tale to tell.
Well could she use Word, and well Excel.
Each dawn this wight was full of hope
Helping stakeholders, defining scope,
Drawing charts and diagramming systems,
Gladly would she talk and gladly listen.
She spent all day requirements gathering
Sorting out real needs from blathering
Making sure that none would then loose face
By using UML for each use-case.
If the design was dear, but technically cool,
She’d cut it back and invoke the simple rule
“Whoso will prosper, he must first be green
And value add and make his process lean”.
She put the business first, well did she ken
The greatest geeks are not the wisest men.

With apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer

21 responses to “The Business Analyst’s Tale

  1. Just dropping in for a nose around . Loved the poem .

  2. Thank you John. It came from the heart!

  3. Nice poem. I love it.

  4. Thank you! It’s probably cheeky of me to say that most of the credit really does go to Geoffrey Chaucer.

  5. I reckon Chaucer’d be absolutely chuffed with that! Confused, of course, if he hadn’t had time to acclimatise to the time-slip… but chuffed, nevertheless! Good old Geoffrey.

  6. Sweet. Chaucer and business analysis. I love it.


  7. Thank you. It was fun to do.

  8. I just read your blog for the first time and I loved your poem. (If Chaucer understood the plight of a BA he would have loved it also.) Great job!!

  9. I just read your blog for the first time and I loved your poem. (If Chaucer understood the plight of a BA he would have loved it also.) Great job!!;. All the best!!

  10. That was fun…

    It is true often the role of BA is looked at as either a useless go-between or an integral cog in the wheel of projects depending on who you are dealing with.

    I think BAs need a self beleif to get through this.

    Loved the poem

  11. Not ony self-belief, Steven, but an organisation which believes in the role or you are lost, doomed and damned.

    A PM once said to me, and I quote, “do not go and talk to the users, Ben, they’ll only give you requirements”.

    Brick wall.
    Brick wall.
    Brick wall.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  12. Please delete this message….

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    • Ok, this just proves that if you post a reasonably well thought through comment – even it it is entirely irrelevant – I might, just might, approve it. I guess I’m a sucker for numbered lists. And the phrase a wise getting decision is just plain awesome.

      So any readers in South Australia, take yourselves over to these guys and say Ben sent you.

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    • Hey, Paul. Cute spam. Shall I diagram that process for you? Can’t say I want to work for you, and can definitely say I suggest that no-one reading this replies, but I admire your spambot’s chutzpah.


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