I’m a passionate defender of the NHS for a whole bunch of reasons, not least because I am married to a doctor. This gives me a bi-focal view, I have insight into the world inside the NHS, but ultimately I am a patient.

I keep my NHS activism separate from my activities as a Skeptic because I don’t want to distract two distinct audiences. Besides which, the NHS privatisation is taking place in England, and most of my Skeptics activities take place in Scotland.

Note that some of the earlier posts are (a) very sweary and (b) almost incoherent. My writing is more structured and coherent these days.

The posts here fall into four broad categories:


In 2013, the Tory government mandated the sell-off of NHS service provision  in legislation so “poorly” drafted that putting contracts out to tender became the only way for Clinical Commissioning Groups (ie GPs) to avoid being sued. This was not in their manifesto and it was shockingly under-reported before the event. It does, however signal the end of the NHS in England as being either National or a Service.


In 2007 junior doctors were the subject of a brutal restructure of how they were recruited.  It was technically disastrous and  ideologically driven, and it forced many overseas in search of better opportunities, and many more to take jobs far away from their support-networks of friends and families.  The ramifications are still playing out.  Many posts labelled “MTAS” are also labelled “MMC”.

MMC – Modernising Medical Careers

This was also enforced by Patricia Hewitt in 2007, and it was a new long-term training programme with a single point of entry which forced some doctors to commit to a speciality far too early in their career.  Previously doctors had the luxury of being able to try different specialities to see what suited them best; the downside of that was that they were constantly looking for new jobs, a problem “solved” by MTAS with its single point of entry.


Posts that are about the NHS or healthcare issues, but not about these government-induced crises.

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