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Seagull in sunlight.
Hillside casts me in shadow;
White bird in bright sky.


 The picture is one I took last year in Blackpool and the light is nothing like the clear evening light when I was driving home yesterday evening. But it does at least show a seagull.

Winter bus stop

cold feet, cold fingers,
cold legs, cold face, cold eyelids,
heavy rain, darkness

Morning ritual

naked goddesses –
maiden, mother, crone – rinsing
chlorine from their hair


Early morning mist.
Cocks launching their challenges
across the valley.


sun and breeze touch skin
stroking the boundary between
me and the summer


Green ferns and fir trees.
Murmuring woods remember
ghosts of dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs pre-date flowers as well as birds and most mammals: they inhabited a world of ferns and fir trees.

Cows in Buttercups – II

Rain… sun … buttercups.
Fields and fields of buttercups.
Hock-deep, the cows chew.


Full moon. Distant trees.
We watch the horizon drop
as the planet spins.


Doves wheel in the air.
Swimming, like fish in water.
They pause. Settle. Land.

Owls and cats

Bright skies and moonlight.
Owls hooting above the woods.
Wide eyed, cats explore.