Time off for good behaviour

I’ve decided that I am not going to go online next week. If that works, then I won’t go online the week after, either. It’ll be weekends only, and see how it goes.

“What are you doing this weekend, Aphra?” a colleague asked me on Friday afternoon.

“Nothing – it’s going to be pure bliss”.

The migraine fairy heard me, so I spent the 36 hours from 10.00am Saturday to 10.00pm Sunday either throwing up, sleeping badly or shouting at god. Not a bad definition of doing nothing, but pure bliss it wasn’t. I’m not entirely convinced it’s over, I could just be in a teasing form of remission.

I have better things to do with my summer than spending it having migraines, and I have better things to do with it than spending it online. Fascinating and enthralling though all of you are, and fond of many of you though I am, I intend to spend my evenings painting my kitchen or weeding the garden or admiring the view or gossiping with my neighbours or reading books or knitting scarves.

See you next weekend.

4 responses to “Time off for good behaviour

  1. Sounds like an eminently sensible approach to life in general. Life’s too short to waste on having to deal with migraines.
    I will miss you though – but can always drive up the road and see you one of these weekends, if that’s not a cue for a migraine.
    Cherish yourself, my dear.

  2. I doubt whether you’ll succeed in keeping this resolution, as you have an irrestible itch to share your fury at l ife’s idiocies with the rest of us.

    Whatever you are doing, have fun – and bin the migraines.

  3. Weekends doing nothing are indeed such blissful bliss.

    Bother to the beastly migraine. The timing is just, so, so, so ARGH.

  4. Anticant, of course you are right. But I really am trying to stay offline. (By the way, I keep on thinking about your friend (your your parents’ friend?) who introduced Ms Hewitt’s future mama to Ms Hewitt’s future papa. Thinking about the event wiith exasperated amusement, I admit. I’d just like to send her back to Oz. She’d last 30 seconds in that refreshing country.)

    *hugs* to aberdeenquinie and Reed.


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