Eight random things

Dr Z, bless his scrubs and stethescope, has tagged me to reveal 8 random things about myself.


I guess these have to be eight random things not already revealed here.

Double humpptt.

Here goes:

  1. I cannot raise one eyebrow – it’s either both or none. I mind this. My natural sarcasm is hampered by not being able to stare at someone, meet their gaze, and raise one eyebrow.
  2. On the other hand, I can touch type at a reasonable speed, 60ish words per minute, which means that I can stare at someone, meet their gaze, and continue typing. Most people find this unnerving after about 20 seconds.
  3. I stopped studying any kind of science when I was 12 or 13. Despite this, I got B+ on an online quiz: “how well would you do at 8th grade science” so it seems I haven’t forgotten the little I did learn. I do think my parents were mad to make me specialise in arts / humanities at such an early age though.
  4. I can’t bake sponge cakes but I can make really good shortcrust pastry, though its been a few years since I’ve bothered.
  5. I can only speak one language; yet another flaw in my education, though I was so lazy at school that I was never going to learn to speak another language there.
  6. I like total solar eclipses and have been in the umbral path of two though so, unfortunately, have the clouds.
  7. I like road-trips but don’t do enough of them.
  8. I scare trains; if I buy a ticket, the train will cower shivering further up the line and arrive reluctant and late at the station where I want to catch it.

I’m not tagging anyone else because everyone I was going to tag has already been taken, and I am far too much of a wuss at the moment.


3 responses to “Eight random things

  1. Regarding number 4, I appear to be your opposite. Sponges and biscuits are fairly easy for me, but I just can’t make pastry. I’ve tried many times, but I now just resort to the ready to roll stuff. I will never buy pre-rolled, though, as that takes laziness to extremes.

  2. No. 1: I can do this!! I think it’s hereditary because my mum used to do it and my little girl can do it too. I tell her it’s the Roger Moore look and she says who’s Roger Moore.

    Lol @ no. 8. So true.

  3. Regarding the touch-typing, carrying on while staring at someone, I can do that with knitting. It FREAKS people out. Heh heh heh.

    I too can make perfect pastry, and collapsed little rubbery sponges. I wonder why.

    As for no. 1 – I have one eyebrow permanently raised – it just grows like that. The most marvellous asset for sarcasm, but I never did acquire a reputation for sincerity and empathy. *sigh*

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