Migraines 5 – Aura

I am sure that everyone who has migraines experiences a different aura, but mine usually look something like this, or near enough.  Oddly enough, the auras come and go with no real connection to the headaches, nausea and vomiting of green slime. Thought I’d share.

Aphra Migraine

7 responses to “Migraines 5 – Aura

  1. Heh. Mine look rather like that too, only silver. And accompanied by weird minor hallucinations, such as my arm on the ‘aura’ side persisting in looking like someone else’s arm, or the smell of lemons, overwhelming, persistant.

    I had one yesterday. This is all terribly apropos.

  2. Mine are a similar shape and look a bit like cut glass.

  3. I’m almost envious of these nice auras – I get my migraines without any illustrations.

  4. I looked at that, AB, and thought … Trigeminal Nerve

  5. Yes, the aura I get is similar. It looks like sunlight reflecting on water, shimmery and multicolored.

  6. Oh, hallucinated smells, Reed. How cool is that?

    Sunlight or cut glass – yep, I recognise those descriptions Dr Grumble and Mary,

    Santra, I get migraines without auras and auras without migrains. I prefer the auras, to be honest.

    Trgeminal nerves? MMmmm. Not sure. The aura definitely sits between me and what I’m looking at out there in the world. The way I’ve drawn it shows how it would look after if I were to look in a mirror about 15 minutes after it started. If I looked like a 17th C woodcut of a female playwright, that is.

    Thanks all for commenting.


  7. Really not funny. Was researching sequelia as showed up on brain scan after decades of visual auras preceding migraines. Nothing here.

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