Addresses, Google and Multimap

As kelli, Z and I have been discussing, it’s that time of year again. Find your address book. Dig out that old spread-sheet. Look up your Outlook. It’s time to send Christmas Cards.

The problem is that I have lost my address book, I cannot face getting Outlook up and working on this PC, and the spreadsheet never really existed in its own right, I think it was populated from Outlook.

I’ve emailed my siblings and they have emailed me a lot of family and friends-of-family addresses.

I texted my ex and he emailed me his parents’ and siblings’ addresses.

I’ve got CF’s address because her son’s CV’s sitting in my inbox. I heard a rumour that CB was driving horses in Sailisbury and thanks to Google and faxes I managed to track her down. I Googled JT and got her contact details from when she was practising acupuncture from consulting rooms at home.

But there are friends of mine, former colleagues in particular, who I only have the email addresses of, and not even those when they change jobs. I spent an entire evening drawing a blank looking for RG. I rented a room from her once, so I looked the street up on Multimap and the postcode with a postcode finder. Let’s hope the postie knows the number of her house, and that she hasn’t moved.

2 responses to “Addresses, Google and Multimap

  1. I’m very impressed. Maybe this year I will make an attempt to track down some of the gaps in my address book. Mind you, I say that every year.

  2. Elizabeth Greene

    I know I’m replying to an ancient post here but… I had the same problem, losing my address book every couple of years as I changed jobs or ignored that ker-klink-ker-klunk sound from my hard drive a week too long.

    The solution for me has been Funambol. It is a free/open source server application that lets you sync your contacts from Outlook, a cell-phone, google, or any of a dozen other applications. If you don’t want to set up a server, you can use theirs… free. You should check it out. It’s like Plaxo on steroids without the spam.


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