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Lust, actually

The one I go to bed with I’m wild with desire for you
Aphra (pleased and flattered) Wild with desire…? Really…?
The one I go to bed with Well, a bit pissed off with desire, actually
Oh well

Lust actually

More juxtapositioning

I was looking on the web to see if there is a book-group locally, and was deeply amused to find a coherent and sensible conversation about reading books on….

…. a forum called “Swinging Heaven”.

It really IS a site for Swingers.

It really is a conversation about books.

I’ve never been ill-disposed towards swingers, and now I rather fancy the idea of being felt up while discussing Ian McEwan, or chatting about Illywhacker between mouthfuls.

Well, its a way to meet people and to have something to talk about.