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Reflections on Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Who’d have thought there was a ruin so atmospherically gothic in the middle of the UK’s most famous theme park? This photograph is completely un-doctored and exactly as it came off the camera on my phone some time last spring. I really should have turned off the date feature though.

I cannot be bothered to write the post bewailing our appetite for pre-digested, plasticised or digitised events which we then call “experiences” and exclaiming at the way we miss real reality, which is far cooler and more amazing, and which – after all – is right under our noses. If I spare you the task of wading through it, will you do me the kindness of pretending you have? I think Compartments may have already written it with far less pretentiousness anyway.

I am not very fond of rollercoasters, but no matter. I spent a happy hour capturing extraordinarily atmospheric and gothic images to the soothing sound of distant screams.