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Touching the Planet

How many people in our western cyberized world have never walked barefoot on the earth?

I had to bully the one I walk on beaches with into taking off his boots and socks in order to feel the sand and water between his toes. I was shocked by this. I love the feeling of the ground beneath my feet, whether it is grass or mud or stone or sand. Apart from the sheer physical pleasure, I feel grounded, refreshed and restored whenever I touch the planet in this way.

But how many people live such protected and artificial lives that they have never done this? Have you never touched the planet with your feet, Gentle Reader, or is it something you do whenever you get the chance?

It worries me.

Touching the Planet

The mindfulness of cats

The cats fascinate me, particularly in the summer.

They step delicately out of doors and enter whole-heartedly – whole-bodiedly – into the outside world. You can see them react to every sound, savour every smell, watch for every movement and every change of light. They seem greedy for physical sensations. When they are outdoors it is as if they are swimming: every sense is fully immersed.

They are fully in the moment – practising the mindfulness of being outdoors. They sun themselves; they luxuriate as they twist and turn, rubbing their shoulders in the dust; they drink in the flavour of the breeze. They watch, and listen, and kill things.