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John Grey and Dorothy Parker

What I say is what I mean.
what you see is what you get,
what I think shows on my face,
and yet you’re still confused, my pet?

Men are from Mars, Women are from VenusDorothy Parker

How to use a sword to cut the top off a bottle of champagne

Ramblin’ round t’internet the other night I found a website dedicated to “the noble art of sabering champagne”.


It’s all rather fun in a Pirates of the Carribean kinda way, if you like your fun to feature more testosterone than sense. I was amused by following safety tip:

Drape a towel/linen napkin over the bottom portion of the bottle should the bottle explode. The towel will help to contain the glass.

Useful advice, that, doncha think?

(I owe the link to Doug).

“Make this Valentine’s Day Extra Special”

Make this Valentine's Day Extra Special [Bulk] Certified Engagement Rings at Discounts

Made I laugh.