How to annoy an Aphra

I like to observe how people use language, and tend to neither prescribe nor proscribe. However, some new usage does manage to scrape on my nerves. The first two dislikes are business-speak, the third is general. All three seem to be increasing.

  • Prior instead of before
  • Mutiple instead of several, many or some or a straight-forward plural
  • Myself instead of me or I

I hadn’t noticed them prior to this, but they are increasingly used in multiple situations by others but not by myself.

3 responses to “How to annoy an Aphra

  1. All threee seeeeeem to beeeeeeeeeeee increeeeeeeeeeeesing?

    And you’re so right, I don’t like it when people put “mutiple” either…


  2. Tee heeee; thank ‘eeeeee.

    Sorry about that, I don’t eeeeven have the excuse of touch screens and slippy fingers.

  3. The one annoying me at the moment is “critique” used as a verb. It just sounds wrong – though the dictionary tells me it can be both noun and verb.

    I suppose living on the east coast you may not have come across the Glaswegianism – Me, masel, personally. It always made me smile.

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