Aphra Redux

It’s been almost three years since I blogged here.

I stopped because I wanted to blog in my own name and I didn’t have enough mojo to maintain two blogs.

I am starting again because I want to post pseudonymously again.  Also, I liked Aphra and I miss her.

My life has changed quite a bit during these three years; I live elsewhere and I work for someone else for a start.

Unfortunately I have also become a lot fussier about what I write, which means it takes me more time to produce less.

But my interests are still eclectic.  And I still fizz with anger, rage and shock. And, guess what, the NHS is in crisis again, and the USA is madder and scarier than ever. Oh, and I still notice the banal and the ridiculous and pick it up and say “look… shiny….”.

7 responses to “Aphra Redux

  1. Hello! Welcome back! Let’s all go for a drink and RANT.

  2. Nice to see this active again. I just dropped a comment on a previous post, as it seemed more appropriate there…

  3. Lovely to see you back online again

  4. … and that should have been a somersault but likely things in between gets sorted to the compost heap…

    • Heh heh. Or Hej, Hej. It is good to be back. It is only now that I am realising just how much I missed during 2010 and 2011 – the fact you are blogging as Cobblestone, for example.

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