Spell checker FAIL

It’s awesome that this got out onto the shelves;  it’s beyond awesome that it was still there and photographable three weeks after I first saw it.

Makes it hard not to worry about Sainbury’s attention to detail in other things, though.

Sainsbury's Paw Ridge

Sainsbury's Paw Ridge

How many spells can a spell checker check if a spell checker can’t spell cheques?

UPDATE:  This is actually a Brand Awareness FAIL on my part.  Turns out that “Paw Ridge” is a children’s brand from Quaker.  Who knew?  Not me, obviously.

9 responses to “Spell checker FAIL

  1. missoularedhead

    classically bad! And very Southern US pronunciation of the word there…I expect someone spent some time watching Paula Deen before going to make this sign…

  2. Was someone using voice recognition software to produce the sings, do you think?

  3. D’oh! Signs. Oh, the irony…

  4. Turns out it’s “Blogger FAIL” and “Brand Awareness FAIL”.

    Paw Ridge is apparently a brand of oats for children. No real shame in not knowing that.

    The real shame comes from the fact that I had scheduled this post to publish on Friday morning, and forgot to un-schedule it after a friend had told me about it.

    Oh well, I’ll leave it there in the the (fading) spirit of non-revisionism. Warts and all, etc.

  5. There are 2 different spellings for the so simple oats from Quaker.
    Oat So Simple and Oats So Simple.

    The website for the brand gives yet another spelling Oatso Simple.

    Your spelling fail spotting was right, just you looked for the wrong product 🙂

  6. “Makes it hard not to worry about Sainbury’s attention to detail in other things, though.”

    It’s not Sainsbury’s attention to detail that I’m worried about.

    Muphry’s law in action once again.

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