I’m glad they explained this

Operating Instructions.  To turn on the heater - please press the white button.

So glad they explained this

Sign in a ticket office in a Scottish railway station.   It’s beyond comment, really.

13 responses to “I’m glad they explained this

  1. Brilliant….

    Horrid long boring day just brightened up! Thanks


  2. how to switch it off?

  3. It makes you wonder what people have done that they feel the need to have the sign…

  4. Daft question, possibly, but since interface design is a part of my job and the photo doesn’t show the whole picture, as it were… was it obvious in context that the button was attached to the heater, rather than, say, the trapdoor and rotating knives?

    • Fair point, well made, SoRB.

      It could indeed easily be the switch for the trapdoor with rotating knives. However, why not just say “Heater” or – if you must – “Switch heater on and off here”?

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  6. A bit small minded this old girl. A push might have turned it off. A long push on.

  7. Small minded Bob? But of course! Pernicketty is my middle name. 🙂

  8. I like to think it’s also the middle name of the author of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”.

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