Different strokes for different folks

Head shot

Head shot

The chap in the badge on the right is my husband.  Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s researching strokes and dementia; if you stand still long enough near a research MRI scanner you’ll be cajoled into lying still in it while the radiographers calibrate some particular sequence of scanning.

So of course I got hold of the scan and of course I got those nice folks at Zazzle to make it into a badge.

What’s been fascinating is the range of reactions I get when I tell people what it is.

  • Colleague – female – late 20s – “Euch – no, sorry, that’s gross”
  • Artist – male – mid 20s – “Do you have a larger copy of the image?”
  • Career counsellor – female – early 50s – “… how… interesting … “
  • Accountant – female – early 30s – “But why can’t you see his teeth?”
  • Neuroscientist – male – late 20s – “Where did you get the badge made?”
  • Cousin – female – early 70s – “Hmmm. Why did you do that?”

Me, I think it’s cool.  And at least I didn’t get it made up into a t-shirt.

20 responses to “Different strokes for different folks

  1. It’s when you get the full sequence made up into a 3d take apart model that I’d get worried.

  2. You mean your /2nd/ husband. Bog graces all marrage forever.

    • Well, like the title says, different strokes for different folks. You say potahtoh and I say potaytoe. Etc.

      Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading and for taking time to comment.

  3. That’s actually him in the MRI? love it! Can I have one?

  4. I love it, its awesome, Ben… i want one of my head.

  5. Failed entrepreneur – male – 48 – “What other medical images would be popular on badges/T-shirts/Coffee mugs?”

    • Hi James – welcome to my blog – nice to see you here.

      Most of the good ideas have been thought of already. I’ve seen a cute line in hypodermic syringe pens. And of course you could print the mug with that thermal ink and have a body that disappeared leaving an x-ray behind when the hot water was poured into the mug.

  6. It IS cool. Tis also the badge on the left, not the right! I’ve been peering at the right-hand face – one I think I recognise – thinking… ummmm… no. That really really isn’t him!

    I’m hypochondriac enought to be narcissistically interested in what I look like from the inside. If he wants another volunteer…

  7. I think it’s an extremely cool badge! Probably about the only image of a person’s insides that you’d really want on display, though.

  8. Coasters. That is brilliant!

  9. You have to make a T-Shirt with it on then your hubby can say he’s spent a whole day with his head on your chest…

  10. I too am loving the idea of a stack of coaster with progressive layered MRI pictures of one’s head… if only because I’d get to be all obsessive compulsive about the order they were stacked back up in.

  11. @ Singing Libraria – I agree with you about that, though I’ve seen more foetal ultrasounds than I consider strictly necessary.

    @ Witty – Thanks!

    @ Alfster – makes a change from him spending the whole day with my chest on his mind 😛

    @ SoRB – you are right, it has to be a series. I so wish you hadn’t pointed that out, I want to do it now.

  12. Love it!

    Also loving SoRB’s idea – especially if the coasters were made of some sort of translucent material so the whole thing could build into a 3D thingie when stacked.

  13. Actually, potentially very stupid question, but why don’t teeth show up on an MRI scan? Skulls seem to…

    • An MRI image is a slice of tissues rather than a view from one side or the other, so it doesn’t show anything that’s not actually present in that slice.

      Which makes watching a sequence rather ikky. Especially watching the eyes appear and disappear in the horizontal ones.

      Loads of the beggars on YouTube.


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