The Eden Project: grabbing you by the mind

Have you ever been to the Eden project in south Cornwall?

What impressed me the most on our recent visit was the way that they present both sides of the ethical dilemmas we face, for example:

How can it be ethical to fly cut flowers a third of the way around the world? But how can it not be ethical to buy flowers that help lift third world farmers out of poverty?  (I paraphrase).

The signs and information boards, none of which I thought to photograph, are full of these dilemmas, so a trip around the bubbles in the clay-pit is thought-provoking rather than a harangue.

I also  very much like the way they support and promote art, and one of the two things I did think to photograph was a sculpture made out of the typical electrical waste each of us generates in a lifetime:

WEEE sculpture, Eden Project

WEEE sculpture, Eden Project

The other is a play area where you were given a bucket of water, jugs, pumps and guttering, and let loose trying to build an irrigation system:

Summer Splash at the Eden Project

Summer Splash at the Eden Project

But I came away thinking how refreshing it is to find a campaigning organisation which tries to engage your mind with complexity and dilemmas, instead of trying to prove their point with over-simplified lectures and “logic”. Oh, and a handbag, I came away with one of these:

Bottletop Bellani Bag

Bottletop Bellani Bag - click to see in Eden Project Shop

I may like the challenge of an ethical dilemma, but not much beats a good handbag.

One response to “The Eden Project: grabbing you by the mind

  1. Lars from Get Good Grades

    I’ve never heard or seen about that project!
    Looks very special and interesting! Hope you had a great time!

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