Woman reads gossip

Woman reads gossip

Woman reads gossip (stories cut and pasted from Daily Mail website 19th June 2010)

One of my dirty little secrets is that I click through the Femail section of the Daily Mail when I’m drinking a cup of tea of a morning.

The triviality of the stories is bemusing, but they are shamefully addictive too.

Today for example:

  • Woman wears bikini
  • Women meet at husbands’ works do
  • Woman gets better
  • Woman may be pregnant
  • Men watch football
  • Man watches girl
  • Woman gets into car
  • Woman wears dress
  • Woman wears high heels
  • Woman goes to spa
  • Woman has cellulite
  • Woman’s too thin
  • Woman’s too fat

There may some social sciences research right there: Why do we read it? Women like gossip, perhaps.

There’s definitely some none too subtle normitivity:

don’t be fat,

don’t be thin,

don’t be ugly,

do be pretty,

do get pregnant…

150 years of feminism, and this is what we get?

Oh my.

5 responses to “Woman reads gossip

  1. You certainly aren’t the only one to do this. Occasionally I even stray to the paper proper or worse to the comments section but it tends to make me feel sick.

  2. Only you can answer the question of why you do it. I can only assume you’ve not found anything else that fits into that particular time/headspace slot so nicely – which is a shame given the almost infinite resources of the wwweb. Browsing Youtube can be an excellent time-sink…

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