Hotelier than thou

I saw a sign today that said

Thank’s to all our customers

But it was hand-written in felt-tip, and I felt it would be a tad patronising to photograph it and post it here. There’s more kudos to catching the ones designed by one person and authorised and signed off by at least one other.

Here’s a peach from an up-market hotel in Edinburgh.

... selected=

I’m sorry the image is so meh.  I was sober when I took it, but the damn thing’s a mirror in the ladies’ loo and I was using my mobile phone without flash. It’s a wonder it’s legible at all: I’ve just spent half an hour adjusting the perspective and focus.

If you can’t read it clearly, here’s what says:

Located in the hear of the hotel, overlooking George St,
the Consort Bistro and Bar offers a great variety of drinks and food
selected to tickle your taste buds’

What I love about this is that someone must have deliberately chosen the phrase “tickle your taste buds”, I’d hate to think it was how they spoke normally. The only thing I’ll add is that a Margarita would be lovely, thank you, so long as I can get to Waverley before the last train home.

3 responses to “Hotelier than thou

  1. My taste buds’ are tickled just thinking about it.

  2. I meant to comment last week – there’s a big sign made of those fancy metal letters over a local business that proclaims to all: George Cosgrave Car’s. I have the terrible urge to meddle with it – climb up and pinch the apostrophe under the cover of the night. Ooh, my fingers itch!
    Once I start that kind of thing though, I don’t know if I could ever stop, and might have to form a group that runs around town removing apostrophes. It’s best I resist, eh?

  3. Much the best to resist, Twangy. I’m an apostrophe voyeur these days, taking vicarious and cynical pleasure in the apostrophes of others.

    Pleased you liked it Charlotte. 🙂

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