I’ve got life – Happy 101 Sweet Friends

I usually steer clear of bloggy memes because  they are a lazy way to pick a subject, but I am distracted at the moment (houses to sell, motorways to drive on, MSc assignments to think through, you know how it is) so I’m grateful for May’s nomination for the Happy 101 Sweet Friends meme.

Besides which, as anyone who reads me regularly knows, I believe those of us who live in the West should be be grateful for the unfair hand of fate that’s given us food and security and shut the bleep up about ‘artistic differences’ or whatever it might be.

The instructions are: List 10 things that make your day & then give this award to 10 bloggers.

  1. The chance to bang on about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is always guaranteed to cheer me up, and it’s great to have an excuse to listen to Nina Simone who puts it so much better:

    There – you feel better for that, don’t you?
  2. Having no plans turns a day into a gift. That old proddy work-ethic means I rarely plan frivolity, so it’s only when a plan falls through that I kick back and have some fun.
  3. A cup of tea in the morning. There is nothing, but nothing, like the first cup of tea of the day. It’s not so much that it makes my day, as the lack of a cup of tea undermines it.
  4. Sunshine. I open the curtains hopefully every morning and look for blue. And yet I move further north to greyer skies year after year.
  5. Evesdroppings. My current favourite was an elderly lady telling her middle aged children that she had been in Blackpool when their father bought her engagement ring:  ‘ a cheap one’ she reassured them kindly. A Yorkshire-women wouldn’t want a fecklessly expensive one, now would she.
  6. My cat. What can I say? I’m a woman of a certain age.  My husband says the cat’s needy, but I choose to think of him as affectionate. Besides which, he spends hours jumping on his own shadow which always cheers me up. Hard to tell which of us is the simpler-minded, really.
  7. The chance to do good Visio. Or any other kind of systems diagram.  I like analysis diagramming and haven’t done enough of it lately.
  8. A clean kitchen. I even like cleaning the kitchen  so long as there’s a good comedy podcast in the background.
  9. Not over-eating. Stopping smoking was a cinch in comparison. I’m chewing over Kate Moss’s mantra that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. (Chewing over, geddit?)
  10. Being married to my honey. Soon to be a daily delight.

And now… 10 bloggers whose blogs give me pleasure

  1. Paddy K – acerbic, atheist and Irish, living in Sweden. I wish I could nail a subject with Paddy’s pointed venom.
  2. Colm – also atheist and also Irish. Colm’s post frequently make me wish I’d written them myself.
  3. Jon Pashley – far too sporadic a blogger, Jon posts with energy and excitement in ways that leave me thoughtful or spark my interest
  4. SoRB  –  doesn’t blog, but his comments are trenchant, provocative, thought-provoking and thought through. I should start a FaceBook Group for people who want him to blog.
  5. Dr Z – gives us windows into two worlds impossible for outsiders to imagine let alone experience: he’s a doctor and he’s a female to male transsexual. He’s also an engaging writer.
  6. Eyoki – a blogger who reflects on the artistic and cultural experiences that come his way, occasionally through the lens of his transsexuality.
  7. Charlotte Otter – I have a huge bloggy-pash on Charlotte whether she’s writing about her family, her native South Africa or her progress as an author. She just writes so damn well. Not fair.
  8. Hairy Farmer Family – the Hairy Wifey bakes cakes to diet for, swears up a storm and makes me laugh.  She also champions her son’s battles with the the NHS, and I find her blog a fascinating counterpoint to Dr Z’s.
  9. Sol – who’s already been nominated – is intelligent, clever and lovely, and her son is a genuinely adorable boysy boy. And she doesn’t blog about him enough.
  10. May – who nominated me – May more regularly than any other writer tosses out a turn of phrase which leaves me frothing with envy.  I can be clever and funny, but never quite that clever or quite that funny dammit. Life is being shitty to May and I know of no-one more deserving of an even break than May and her lovely husband H.

10 responses to “I’ve got life – Happy 101 Sweet Friends

  1. Wow! I have work to do. I can’t guarantee it will be written that soon, but I’m going to give it some thought. Thanks very much for the kind words.

  2. You are too lovely for words.

    Also, point 10? Excellent.

  3. Great, I’m on it! I’ll even be all positive and everything.

  4. I’ve only just seen this. Thank you!

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  6. You wouldn’t call the Star a boysy boy if you’d seen him running. A friend of mine who is, let’s say, qualified to judge was watching him the other day and said ‘that’s a very mincy sort of toddle, isn’t it?’ And it is.

    On the other hand, I am intelligent, clever and lovely and I will do this, I promise you and May, just as soon as I can stop thinking ‘chocolate’ for every thrid item.

  7. SonofRojBlake

    Gosh, thank you.

    Response here, since, as you point out, I don’t really blog. Hmm, ten things that make my day…

    1. Tea. Simply cannot imagine life without it. Have been even more turned on to its stimulant properties since I started taking it up mountains instead of hot chocolate. It puts a spring in your step.

    2. Smilingly doing random nice things for people, and their responses. Letting them out at junctions, for instance. People seem so pathetically grateful when someone does something nice for them, especially if that someone is a rather stern-looking middle-aged man they might have expected, from the look of him, to be a git.

    3. Adrenaline. I’m a little worried about this one, as I seem to be building up a tolerance for what has been my drug of choice. Last night I did this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsFHOcCelZk and it felt… OK. Bit meh. Specifically, it didn’t noticeably raise my heart-rate. What does that say about me?

    4. A really good pun, or a hurricane of terrible ones. Fortunately Andy Zaltzman is doing more and more podcasts these days.

    5. Having something mechanical or electronic just… work. My stepfather turned seventy yesterday. I went to his house to setup up the wireless connection on his laptop computer, something PC World wanted £30 to do in the shop. I almost need not have bothered. It was ridiculously easy. This is, thankfully, becoming more and more common, and about time too.

    6. Having something I’ve designed just… work. Take the satisfaction of item (5), multiply by 1000, then square it.

    7. Making someone else laugh. I’m an attention seeker, I guess. (Why don’t I blog???)

    8. Constructing and expressing a clear opinion on something. I may not necessarily always be right, but if you’re halfway literate and paying attention you WILL know precisely what I mean.

    9. Tesco’s own brand fruit and nut flapjacks. Food of the gods!

    10. Good sex. Not elaborating on that one.

  8. I’m starting on this. Wow – it’s tough. Five things would be easy, but ten? This will take some time, but I feel it’s a worthwhile exercise indeed.

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