X marks the spot: go out and vote

My, but this election suddenly got interesting…

I like seeing politicians sweat, and by Friday morning the body politic is going to smell like the collected jockstraps of the Six Nations touring teams after being left in a locker for a month.  I shouldn’t be gleeful, but I am.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, go out and vote.  I don’t care who you vote for, but put your X in a box or spoil your paper.  Participate.

Own the government before they pwn you.

There are even tools of varying sophistication that will help you work out which party best represents your views.

  • I’ve put a link to the Political Compass here before.  It’s a shortish quiz that asks about your attitudes and shows you were you sit on a political “map” in comparison with the main parties.
  • I was impressed by choosing between the politicians’ answers to questions on the My Vote Advisor quiz – it’s time-consuming, but you can miss sections out if you like.
  • Votematch – is reasonably comprehensive and reflects policies not philosophy; the result is adjusted according to which issues are most important to you.
  • Vote for policies – does what it says on the tin and presents you with the parties’ policies to choose from.

None is perfect though they are reassuringly consistent in how they rated my views of the main parties. However, I discovered some big surprises in how closely my views match those of some of the smaller parties.

8 responses to “X marks the spot: go out and vote

  1. I mentally wrote a post about this, and never typed it. Damn these paltry 24 hours-in-a-day.

    John – a Tory man to his core – walked in, having done the Political compass thing that I had left open, highly perturbed. ‘I’m a left-wing-liberal anarchist!’ ‘Oh?’ ‘I put Yes to gay adoption. That must have been it. I’m going back to have another go and change my answer!’ Pause of several minutes. ‘I’m still a left-wing-liberal anarchist! Bastards!’

    He’s been mortified ever since!

  2. *Laughing out loud and choking on tea*

  3. Those sites are great – I too have spent a lot of time on various internet places choosing between policies and philosophies and ideas. My results have been consistent in that the no 1 and no 2 choices are always the same, though not quite always in the same order.

    I am one of those people who votes differently in European elections vs UK parliamentary elections. Reassuringly, the two parties whose views I seem to match most closely are the two parties which I have voted for in the those 2 flavours of election.

  4. Oh, look, I am a pinko/greeno, no surprise there. These quizzes are an excellent use of the internet, aren’t they? Anything that engages people has to be.

    No vote for me, but will be watching with interest.

  5. Your experience is my experience, David. Though I also vote differently in council elections. There’s always A logic to how I vote, but since no party fully reflects my views, it’s not always obvious to other people.

    Twangy, you are right. I will be interested to know, after the dust has settled, what the “internet effect” has been.

  6. And now the votes are cast and the sweat has begun in earnest.

  7. …. and it seems thousands were turned away from the polling stations ….

  8. Oooo! I vote completely differently in council elections too!

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