Fashion 2.0

I have just spent far, Far, FAR too much time footling around designing dresses at It’s a site where you can design a dress, choose the fabric, and have it made up to your exact measurements give or take a centimeter. And all for ludicrously reasonable prices and delivery in 10 days1.

Style Shake

Style Shake

Let’s get the business-related observations done with before we lose the people who don’t like the eau de œstrogen wafting around this post.

First of all, what a bloody genius use of the internet; the perfect example of something that simply could not be done without the web. Even better: the site works well, which is more than can be said for most design-your-own-whatsit sites.  I do hope business model pays: I’m a bit of a seamstress myself and it’s hard to see how they could get the things cut and sewn for UK wages. I really want to see their production line. (I am such a process geek). I’m also intrigued by their design software which presumably drives their pattern-cutting software in a reverse of the wire-frame-to-rendering process used by the computer graphics and special effects industry.

I am fascinated by just how varied the end results can be given a limited range of design elements (fabric colour, shape of the neckline, length of the skirt, etc).

Style Shake: Bold Bodycon Style Shake: Darling Daywear Style Shake: Office Edge Style Shake: Star Sensation Style Shake: Style Noir Style Shake: 1940s Allure Style Shake: Three in One

I guess it’s like lego, the real limit is your skill and imagination.  And boy have people done some interesting things with their limited pallet, as you can see from scrolling through their photographs and favourite designs.  Be careful though, there’s  some eye-watering fugliness in there too.

I guess it only goes to prove that StyleShake’s rather awesome software doesn’t make you Christian Dior any more than MS Project makes you a Project Manager or PowerPoint makes you good at communicating.

Have a go – you know you want to.

1 – Mind you, I’ve not had the chance to use the site yet – my first instinct was to blog, but come next payday … Back to post

8 responses to “Fashion 2.0

  1. Oh what a beautiful time-sucker. I could lose days there.

    Please post pics of any dresses you order!

    • I will do, Charlotte. I was thinking of getting cotton dresses for work, but then I thought of the ironing.

      So maybe I’ll get jersey dresses for schlepping around in. They look like they might be a bit of a treat, some of them.

      But what I really need is a Posh Do though so I can get a Posh Frock.

  2. Hello! Ehem – can I delurk?
    Just had to say I had this idea! Hmph. Only last week I was lamenting the silliness of standard sizing. No one is a standard size, are they?
    And inventing this very website. Ah well.
    Shall you “invest”? I am tempted. Would love to hear about the finished product. Go on, it’s research.

    • I love it when a lurker de-lurks, so welcome to my blog Twangy. Comment here any time the mood takes you.

      Actually their standard sizing isn’t that bad for me, but what a treat to have something which really does fit…

      I’m definitely going to get something, but not sure what quite yet. Their dresses are bargains but their skirts seem over-priced in comparison.

      We shall see, we shall see.

      I might just post up a gallery of my designs. I’ve certainly been having fun.

  3. i like this blog
    is good!

  4. SonofRojBlake

    I’ve tried this. It’s good. One additional feature I’d like to see is for the male purchaser of the dress as a gift, the ability to specify that the dress, while being perfectly wearable, is specified as stealth breakaway, i.e. there exists a single secret point of fixture which, if properly manipulated, allows the wearer’s partner to remove the entire garment from them in a single sexy flourish. Design THAT, and you’ve got a customer (more than a few, actually, I’ll bet).

    Also, unrelated, you more than anyone else I know will love this:

  5. SonofRojBlake

    On the subject of puns, I simply have to share this one with you and your readership. I can’t take credit for it, Charlie Brooker delivered it on “You Have Been Watching”:

    “Now we have a Conservative government, the BBC are worried. I don’t know why, the Conservatives are synonymous with the BBC. For instance, whenever I see George Osbourne, I think of Countryfile, because he’s a c**t I revile.”

  6. Nice one.

    You will of course know Stephen Fry’s definition of “countryside” as “killing Piers Morgan”.

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