The Write Stuff

Charlotte Otter
Let me direct you to the web site and blog of a friend of mine.  Charlotte Otter is a professional freelance writer whose writing makes me dribble with jealousy.

She has just launched a new website and blog.

Here is a sampler:

Jargon is a sign that language is evolving. New words can be vivid and creative. A quick trawl through the The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary reveals some gems: ‘Al Desco’ – any meal eaten at the desk, ‘deceptionist’ – a receptionist whose job is to delay or block any potential visitors, ‘meanderthal’ – a person who has difficulty expressing themselves succinctly.

However, today’s fresh phrase is … click here for her site.

Add her to your RSS feed. Whether you read or you write, you are in for a treat.  Better still, if you need any professional writing done, drop her an email.


2 responses to “The Write Stuff

  1. Thanks for the plug, Ben. Much appreciated.

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