Making the omelette

The thing is, I do know about dependencies and waterfall project management and all that good stuff.

The plan was to have the living room pin-sharp by the time the estate agents came round so I could make convincing promises that the rest of the house would be to the same standard by Easter.

Somehow I think not:

Oh well, at least the new window's in

At least the new window's in

Oh well.

The electricians should have been in and out by Valentine’s day, Bernie then had a week or so to  install the window and tile the kitchen, and I had a week after that to splash around with a paint brush.   But the electricians had a house fire, not an electrical one – a wood-burner went feral.  And so here we are.  And here the estate agents will be later on today.

I’ve never entirely trusted estate agents since I spent an hour and a quarter looking for a building plot in Nailsworth following directions which said ‘right’ when they meant ‘left’.  So I’m not convinced they’ll be able to see the house’s inner wow factor.

At least the kitchen looks nice…

Once the plaster's dry I'll paint the wall

Once the plaster's dry I'll paint the wall

… if a little over-exposed.

Note to self: remove the paint tray and jars of white spirit next to the cooker before 10:00 am.


2 responses to “Making the omelette

  1. Kitchen looks lovely!

    I have a woodburner. Tell me more about how they can turn feral?!

  2. Just popping my head around the door a nosily looking at the blog furniture.

    Turns out I have ended up looking at your actual furniture in all!

    Ferrettbadger in t’other place!

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