Changing Gear

Chaos and darkness reigning, or possibly raining.  It's hard to tell.

Chaos and darkness reigning, or possibly raining. It's hard to tell. (This was when I moved in, but it looks worryingly like that now).

I’m going to change the mood in this blog for a while and just use it as a diary for a few weeks.

I am doing an enormous amount of putting Things into Boxes and putting Boxes into Storage, and very little thinking.  It’s frustrating. I watched Aleks Krotoski ‘s excellent programme about the history of the Internet yesterday and thought ‘”Oh, that’s interesting”, but it should have fired me off in a score of different directions.   Still, that is what iPlayer is for, I guess.

The electrician’s coming during the second weekend of February and will need relatively unhindered access to walls and floors which imposes something of a deadline for getting the stuff into storage. Storage for an indefinite period, because I’m not sure when I am moving, except that it will be April, or maybe May. Or the summer. Definitely before the autumn, anyway.

Of course, I can’t just put things in boxes.  Oh no.  That would be Too Easy. When I told Drew that I was packing my books this weekend he said “and I bet you are tagging them”.  “…er yes, I am” I said, embarrassed and confused.  (How did he know?) The thing is, when I moved in 5 years ago I just shoved my books onto shelves, and I haven’t sorted them since.  Now I am boxing them as they come off the shelves, but I am entering the box numbers into Librarything.  It would stress me too much not to be able to track down a book if I needed it urgently.  The last time that happened I ended up re-buying Pratchett’s entire oeuvre one at a time in paperback because I couldn’t find my hardbacks.

And that reminds me of something that is interesting.   (At last, something interesting!) Apparently the books I’ve packed so far most nearly match the libraries of two other people I know from the internets who I didn’t know were librarythingers.  The first is Belgianwaffle, whose blog I don’t read often enough but with whom I have exchanged a few comments when I was blogging regularly under another name.  The second is Cheerful Dragon who I know from one of the BBC web sites.

It’s a small web.


4 responses to “Changing Gear

  1. Good luck!

    I’ll admit to finding Library thing dreadfully soothing and rather mesmerising.

  2. If I didn’t love you already, I WOULD LOVE YOU FOR LIBRARYTHING. This is just EXACTLY what I need, and didn’t know existed. LOVE!

    Cough. Caps Off now. Off to join!

  3. “…I’m not sure when I am moving, except that it will be April, or maybe May. Or the summer. Definitely before the autumn, anyway.”

    Sounds like me when the apartments were being redone, and when I was pregnant this last time…

    *hugely sympathizes*

  4. I’m not using Librarything to it’s full potential, Z. I’m just putting the box numbers in. It will come into its own when I start categorising the books… I can feel waves of soothingness washing over me just thinking about it!

    HFF – Mwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA! Your time will no longer be your own…. (Not that it is now, of course). Er. Sorry. That should read “pleased to be of service, Ma’am”. Not sure what came over me there.

    Fortunately the choice is more or less ours, Amy. But it is still unsettling. Your situation back then was …. extreme.

    Thanks all for dropping by and commenting.


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