I know I should blog.  I have posts in draft waiting to be proof-read and posted. I have other posts in draft waiting for me to finish the activities they are reporting on.  I have posts in my head, waiting to be drafted.  I have drafts in my head waiting to be blown away.

I’ve been busy. 2010 is going to be a year of change.  First of all, my husband has got an unmissable career opportunity which involves us moving to Edinburgh, and since I am a remote worker in a team that’s based in Edinburgh it’s pretty peachy for me too. However, moving in my case involves selling my house, and selling my house involves tarting it up. So I spent most of Christmas stripping wallpaper and painting and decorating, and I have a parade of workmen scheduled for January (ha ha) and February. In the gaps between contemplating paint colours, I am thinking vague thoughts about my dissertation.

Oh, and it’s snowed a bit which has slowed things down.  Had you noticed?

Have a pretty picture of the garden and the view.

Cold Snap in the Garden

Cold Snap in the Garden

Thank goodness for VPNs and NetMeeting.

I’ll finish one of the drafts over the weekend and bang it up on Monday. In the meantime, please imagine an hourglass hovering over this blog and a susurration from the hard drive.

4 responses to “Hourglass

  1. Congratulations on you and hubbie’s jobs and move. I bet you’ll love it there!


  2. Oooo, your VIEW! Lovely!
    Annnnnnnd my friend who you would probably have liked moved away from Edinburgh just last week. Doh.
    Exciting news though! (The parade of workmen, obvs.)

  3. I studied in Edinburgh and would love to move back. Enjoy it.

    And even in your current location you are blessed with proper snow not the smulchy, slush thats found in London.

  4. We are both excited Jasmine, though I mind leaving my wee house and this particular village.

    HFF – the parade of workmen is indeed a bonus. 😉

    Hello womb for improvement – how very nice to see you here. I’ve lived in Glasgow before and have had family living in Fife and Aberdeen, and have holidayed in Scotland for decades. This is really thrilling and exciting. 🙂

    Thanks all for dropping by and commenting.


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