Not drowning but waving

Woo Hoo!

My Google Wave invitation came through today and – even cooler than that – I was able to use it (very slowly and clunkily) for real within an hour of receiving the email.  Long distance relationships sometimes have unexpected advantages.

Google Wave

Google Wave

How sad is it that I am really thrilled and excited about this!

11 responses to “Not drowning but waving

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about – but I’m happy for you!

  2. Oh Honey, I do wish I understood more of what you write! You’re amazing clever, and the thing I term my brain is very awed by yours.

    Also, the snow rocks!

  3. Ach, everyone sounds knowledgeable on their home patch.

    My idea of absolute terror is being asked t0 babysit for a 9 month old child. Truly. And I think that’s rather shocking, really.

    Then there are your cakes, HFF. I’m not being flippant when I say they leave me awestruck.

    Thanks both for commenting though. 🙂


    PS HFF – if you go to your dashboard and click on Appearance, the snow thing is under Extras. It’s automagic each year once you’ve clicked it.

  4. Is it worth signing up to? Or just another internet thing?


    • Well, it’s designed for collaborative working, really – the old ‘virtual teams’ meme that’s been rattling around for the last 15 years or so.

      If you have people you work with who are geographically dispersed, then it’s worth it. If not, then not, I guess.

      I also guess it depends on what you mean by ‘work’ – I can certainly imagine that it would be good for a school or college project, for example, or planning a huge family get-together if your family works that way.

      I really need to get stuck in and have a go.


      • Well having had a quick pootle about on it it does look like the mountain view pixie dust has settled on something.
        Will it change the world? I don’t know. People have been trying to write collaborative working stuff for a long time now. It does have some nifty features – the ability to write/use extensions, the playback feature – that will probably be copied and moved along.

  5. Even with absolutely no one around that would halfway no what I was talking about – no less be on so that I could Wave with (to?) them – I’d love to put my hands on Wave. After all, it’s invented by two Danes 😉

  6. no -> know…
    And there was an in there that was interpreted as incorrect html and disappeared. *sighs*

  7. Hi Ben
    I’m in the process of getting google accounts for all our students including a management dashboard for the techies. Then I want to get them using Googledocs and Googlesites etc the Wave is blocked as it’s seen as instant messaging. God forbid that students should be able to communicate……ah no it’s chatting.

    Also I managed to set up a Ning (which I’ve had unblocked) for networking with our international links and exchange students. Still loving web 2.0. Have you used Prezi?

    Anyway iPhone is being slow for typing. Maybe you could add me to Wave. Have only had a twosome so far. I’d like to see how 4 plus works.

    Also Ive managed

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