Tap Tap

I was taught to type at school on an Imperial with painted out keys. As a result I can touch-type, though I am nowhere near as accurate as I used to be. It can be fun though: if someone interrupts me when I’m on a roll, I find myself gazing politely at them while we talk and typing at 60-65 wpm. It disconcerts them for some reason. Can’t think why.

There is a downside though. Because I learned to type on a typewriter my thumb goes tap-tap on the space-bar immediately after my right ring finger hits the full stop.(tap-tap) In those dim and distant days we were taught to put a double space after a full stop, and try as I might, my thumb still does.(tap-tap)

Most of the time this isn’t a problem.(tap-tap) Word-processing programmes were developed for typists, and can cope with the double-space.(tap-tap) Web pages are different.(tap-tap) WordPress handles the double-space particularly badly, frequently splitting them and putting one of them at the start of a line and messing up the left justification.(tap-tap)

This annoys me.(tap-tap).


And there isn’t even a decent find-and-replace feature in WP.(tap-tap). If I want rid of those pesky double-spaces I have to copy and paste into Notepad from the HTML editor and then search and replace to get rid of them.(tap-tap) Not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless.(tap-tap) And unfortunately that clunky work-around is massively easier than getting my thumb to change the habit of over half a lifetime.

Tap-tappy-tap-tap… TAP TAP.


8 responses to “Tap Tap

  1. How interesting. I wonder if I do that too?


    No. I don’t. But then I am a self taught touch typist.

  2. Spellcatcher. The most beautiful piece of software I ever used, completely obsolete now, except for one thing.

    It prevents double-spaces.(tap tap)

  3. I learned to type on a typewriter that was so old it had manual carriage return. My left hand still sometimes misses that.

  4. I am also a habitual double-spacer, although not quite a touch-typist.

    And WordPress? Bah! Lately, ME NO LIKE!

  5. My right thumb still does that even though I am not really a competent touch-typist. Doesn’t practically everyone do it? Why would WP not be set up to recognise the convention of a double space after the end of a sentence? Ah yes, I remember, they like to make things difficult and complicated for their users.

  6. I have never been taught to type in any way, so I use rather less fingers for the task than I actually have, but if I am sufficiently alert, I don’t really need to look at the keys.

    However, I do like double spaces. It’s just the way I do things. 2 spaces after a full stop.

    I hadn’t realised that WordPress did funny things to double spaces, and I hadn’t even really considered that double spaces after full stops might be in some way unusual. How very odd.

  7. Double space after full stop? I had not heard of it until now. And yet, I learnt to type on an old, manual, big and boxy typewriter in… let’s see… 1977. I think. Is this a purely British thing?

  8. Z – I think it really does go back to the days when keyboards drove typewriters not PCs and young ladies were taught to type so they could get nice secretarial job until they got married and started having babies…

    Hi Joe – just been reading about Spell Catcher and I do see what you mean – maybe Z would find it usefull… 😛

    Hello (not so) Foolish Woman – there was something very satisfying about type-type-type-ting-kerchung wasn’t there. A sound no-one under 30 will have heard, methinks.

    Hello HFF – has WordPress been giving you gyp? Hmmm. Let me FROWN at it on your behalf.

    Kelli, you ask “Why would WP not be set up to recognise the convention of a double space after the end of a sentence?” – it’s because the founder is under 25. See my comment to Foolish Woman above!

    Hello Singing Librarian – It may just be certain Word Press skins – I’ve only noticed it relatively recently, so it may not be universal across the platform.

    Hello Titania – Maybe it is a purely British thing. How interesting.

    Thanks all for dropping by and commenting. I am glad if this post amused you, and I’m sorry for not responding sooner.


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