A whole new place for an apostrophe

Sorry about this.  I promise I will only ever post the really odd ones.  I’ve never before seen an apostrophe here.  It’s when it should be its, yeah.  And the other way round.  But not its’. I’m impressed.

Apostrophe madness at Kew

Apostrophe madness at Kew

This is from one of the gift shops in Kew Gardens or Kew Gardens’ as we should presumably write it.

7 responses to “A whole new place for an apostrophe

  1. Tried to come up with an occasion where its’ would occur.

    “There’s been a problem at the printers with the Stephen King lines. The Dolores Claibornes are missing a chapter, The Tommyknockers are backwards and the Its’ pages are upside-down.”

  2. its so beautiful ans romantic one. i like it very much.

  3. Chris, that’s genius. Superb! Thank you.

    Thank you for your comment tgm.


  4. agreer with , cuz’ of seb….. nice 😉

  5. this one is very odd for me…
    and knowing that the one who composed it
    has a very poor writing capability…

  6. Felicity Waters

    please do not read my blog

    or read but don’t make comment

    or read, make comment but not about grammer


  7. Nothing easier, Felicity – I’ve removed the link from your commenet.

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