Aphra, she say

Charlotte asked me to list ten things I know, and I missed it.  So, rather late, here goes:

  1. Everything’s a trade off – accept the loss as well as the gain
  2. Starbucks is for people who don’t actually like coffee
  3. Cravings do eventually fade
  4. All men are bastards, but that’s ok because all women are bitches.  Know that and be constantly delighted by goodness.
  5. The wiccan admonition to do what you will but do no harm has a sting in the tail.  Knowing what we do, it is impossible to live up to.
  6. A girl can never have too many sapphires.  
  7. There is no meal better than a russet apple and a piece of cheddar.  Good cheddar.
  8. Fois gras is very nearly worth it.  Very nearly, but not quite.  
  9. Lime curd is better than lemon curd, but harder to find.
  10. People with no sense of humour are in fact aliens.  We must be patient with them.  They’ve been cut off from the mother ship.

If you know stuff, post it and link back.

One response to “Aphra, she say

  1. – Shit happens – live with it.

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