More low flying apostrophes

It’s wrong of me to pick on a  comment posted in haste on a web site without a preview feature and critique the use of apostrophes isn’t it?

Yes it is.  Of course it is.  So I’ll let you critique them yourself:

Was astounded at how the country is divided into very tight areas where Sikhs, Bengali’s, Kashmiri Muslims, Pakistani Muslims and Hindu’s live.  (The TimesOnline)

Ach, I can’t resist.  There  seems to be an awkwardness about pluralising words that end in a vowel.  What do you think?  And every day I see naked posessives stripped of their apostrophes, following the german usage.  

Do you know something?  I find this change in the language exciting.  

One response to “More low flying apostrophes

  1. Hi Ben

    Here’s my amateur tuppen’orth – nouns that end in a vowel in our most common second language, French, are generally feminine; consonants, masculine. Consonants are a firmative shutting sound, in contrast to a vowel’s more open quality. If only Freud were a linguist.

    Anyway, the poster is female, and has incorrectly given a possessive quality to those nouns that end in a vowel. What I infer from that is she has a problem with confidence with the opposite sex, and is struggling against it subconsciously. She’s posting her opinions on a news website as well, which is itself a cry for help of sorts.

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