Who am I kidding?

Who am I kidding? This blog so is going to include a collection of bizare apostrophes.

My sister took the trouble to scan and email me this particualar peach from the beach.  Good, innit?  I particularly like NEW S-PAPER’S. 


5 responses to “Who am I kidding?

  1. Oh, I do so love a good grocer’s apostrophe. I sometime’s stop and take photo’s too.

    The signwriters seem to have been oddly nervous of splashing out on use of the letter ‘e’. Those thin little arrows were in vogue in the fifties, so perhaps the letter ‘e’ was still being rationed?

  2. At least it’s not Caravan’s or Ga’s 😉

  3. I’m surprised, honestly, that they spelled “Open” correctly, based on the evidence.

    Also, I’ve decided that your spelling is od.

    And by “od”, I mean unusaul.

    Which is to say that I have read, at a conservative estimate, tens of thousands of words you have typed online, and I find your spelling to be excellent, with one stragne exception. You seem to have a spelling blind spot with words that mean out of the ordinary.

    I’m used to you spelling “weird” with the i and e transposed. Today, I am delighted that the only other word I can ever recall seeing you misspell is the word “bizarre”.

    Like I said… od.

  4. It’s always good to have a stalker who can spell.

    The other word I consistently miss-spell is lable. Which I assume is like table. And stable. And able. And cable. And fable. And gable. But ho no. That would be too easy. It’s like Mabel. And Babel.

    Bloody English.


  5. Either he’s back to give us the inside story on his trials, or there really is only one available.

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