The devil you know

I found the news last night oddly comforting.  I drove home listening to stories of the falling pound, tumbling stock markets, freshly announced job losses, rising unemployment,  spiraling fuel costs, failing industries sucking up public money, and hydrocarbons being choked off at source by ludicrously rich eastern states.  

It had a familiar feel to it.  It was almost cosy.  It could have been 1979 all over again. Or 1992 at a pinch.  

So much less terrifying than climate change deniers and the world’s failing superpower prodding terrorists with nuclear weapons to see if they’ll blink.  

If only the comfort wasn’t an illusion.

One response to “The devil you know

  1. We could do with a repeat of the Fantasy CEO game to take our mind off the real world.
    Hope everything is cool for you Aphra

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