What Christmas is really all about

Word clouds fascinate me because they tell you exactly what people are thinking: words are not consciously chosen for the look of it in quite the way that tags and categories are. In this case it seems  Matthew and Luke were thinking about patriarchy, monarchy and infanticide.   I found it interesting if irrelevant, but that’s true of most things I post here,  so here it is.

Whatever your beliefs or as in my case the lack of them, I wish you a peaceful turn of the year and as much prosperity and peace as this fucked-up world can manage in 2009.

What Christmas is really all about

Thanks go to wordle.net and biblegateway.com


One response to “What Christmas is really all about

  1. For sure, if you asked people ten years later what they remembered about that time, Herod’s infanticide would loom very large, but we seem to have edited it nicely out of the Christmas story.

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