More apostrophising

This one is beyond comment.  It’s outside one of the buildings where I work.  Good, i’n’ it? 


More on apostrophes here.

10 responses to “More apostrophising

  1. Oh. Oh. I’m not sure whether that’s funny or awful. Probably both.

  2. It certainly left me speechless. 🙂

  3. In Sea Palling – on the Norfolk Coast via a time-warp through the 50s –
    It was a few years back that I took the photo – pre-digital camera so it is not easy to post the picture here but I should probably try to do so. It is all in capitals, but “BEACH” is less than half the point size.
    With the excess of misplaced apostrophes I do wonder if it was deliberate.

  4. Two other signs that amused – although not dealing with apostrophes.

    No Unauthorised Persons Passed this Point
    (how reassuring!)

    Great Street Thomas Apostle
    (although this had been corrected with the “reet” painted out)


    Presumably looking forward to the next attack from Hammers.

  6. Grocerie’s is impressive. Scan it and send it to me by email and I’ll bang it up here. And Great Street Thomas Apostle is just plain awesome. Fabuloso. Even better than Bronte Parsonagë which is my personal favourite to date.

    Chris, maybe the conversation went something like this:

    – Who else shall we do a sign about?
    – Do a sign about OJ
    – Yeah! Bastard! Death to OJ!
    – OJ? Huh? What’s wrong with OJ?
    – Hey get with the programme man! Just do it ok!
    – Oh. Right. Ok.


  7. PS – Tam – your comment reminded me that Steve told me once about someone who lived in “the Margaret district of Swindon”. In Stratton Street, apparently.

  8. Took me a while to work out the Juice – but to be rather po-faced about it, how good are we in not only a foreign language but an alien script?

  9. And in fact I failed to work it out altogether. But then it was first thing and I hadn’t had enough tea.

    Intereseting that the clock on this site still seems to be on British Summer Time.


  10. It’s faint but the placard does clarify death to all *Zionist* juice. So Robinsons Milk & Honey maybe.

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