Shamelessly stolen statistic

I love this:

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

If anyone can tell me where this came from, I will happily cite the source.

5 responses to “Shamelessly stolen statistic

  1. If you like this, there’s a book I saw in Borders the other day that you’ll like. It’s not a book I’d buy, as it’s essentially the same joke, done 100 different ways, but what it is, is this: graphs of pop songs.

    Irritatingly the only one I can remember is the Status Quo chart, indicating areas in which they’re observed to be rockin’. The graph consists of a map of the world, a legend indicating that “rockin'” areas are shaded red, and well, the map’s all red. Obviously.

  2. I’ve seen some of those and thought them rather convoluted. I love the simplicity of this. It’s a Pie. It’s a Chart. It’s a Pie Chart. What does a Pie Chart made of Pie actually show?

    It also amazes me that it’s taken 20 years for someone to do this particular gag when the pacman pie charts have been out there for decades.

    Good to see you drop by, SoRB. I’d been wondering how you’ve been.


  3. Very nice – except I don’t actually go for lemon meringue too much. Now a bakewell tart or steak and ale…

    Weren’t pie charts invented by Florence Nightingale. Someone extraordinary and unexpected, but o so obvious when you think about it. She wanted to get across to politicians and thought of this way to be able to say – this is what an 80% mortality rate looks like.

  4. I’d believe almost anything of Florence Nightingale having been fascinated by her in Cecil Woodham-Smith’s absorbing biography. She sat around until her 40s and then took on the military establishment and the entrenched bureaucracy of the Victorian imperium.



  5. Here’s the site (links to one what I dun)

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