Too cool for school

Surely the whole point about being young is you do things the adults just don’t get?  You talk in ways adults don’t understand.  You listen to music they dislike.  And you do things on the internet they just can’t keep up with.  I thought that was the whole point?  

So I’m slightly baffled by Georgia Southern University which is – wait for it – running a class in:

How to get on to Facebook.

Huh?  I thought all these little Gen X-ers, Millenium Kids and Net Natives where BORN knowing how to use Facebook and Beebo and Twitter and all the rest of it.  I thought that Facebook stopped being cool when the wrinklies in print and broadcast media got there.  And here is proof positive if ever it was needed: it can’t be cool, it’s taught in school. 

Still, it will at least be a class they attend, I guess.

Which may be why Georgia Southern are running it, of course.

5 responses to “Too cool for school

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. The course is about Making Connections, using Facebook and multiple other types of social media. Facebook is one small component of the course. If you take a look at the other posts on the blog, you’ll see it’s filled with advice that is helpful to college students in various disciplines.

  2. Hi Barbara

    Thanks for taking my post with such good grace.

    And of course – anything at all which encourages students to consider the implications of what they post has to be a good thing. I hope the course goes well for you and your students.

    I’ll drop by later in the year and see how they all do.

    All the best


  3. Ben,

    Their final project in the class is creating their own Social Media Policy. It’s scary when you think about the amount of digital dirt that you can leave behind without even being aware of it. And it’s wonderful to know of several college grads whose social presence (Twitter, PR OpenMic, blogs) helped them *gain* interviews, and eventually jobs.


  4. Digital Dirt is a good term for it.

    Mind you, I wonder how many ambitious professional parents are making sure that their children’s names are a goodle-whack.

    I feel doubly grateful that I’ve an unusual name (which makes me easy to find) and that the Internet arrived late enough so my teenage years aren’t trailing behind me like dirty digital footprints on the carpet of life.

    I can see the satisfaction in what you are doing. How long does the course last? Is their final project just before New Year or in the Summer? I’, interested to know how it goes.


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