Double indemnity

I was scratting around in Facebook, as you do, and the ONLY name I recognised from my Uni days was that of my first boyfriend.  He looked like Henry V and, well, let’s say he was the master of the mind-fuck.

25 years later, he can still do it.  The only one of HIS friends whose name I recognised was my ex husband’s!

I don’t know about you, but I really do find that rather funny.


2 responses to “Double indemnity

  1. Today there was a Friends request from my stepsister. She greeted me as “Finally found you, long lost stepbrother!”.

    Which is bizarre, because I live 30 minutes drive from both her father and mother, and I probably spend more time with her father in a month than she does in any given three years. Plus, if she wanted to she could simply phone her father and ask for my number, address etc. And “finally”? On Facebook I don’t use a pseudonym.


  2. I registered on Facebook but never really did anything about it. Somebody I could barely remember from school must have found my site because she sent me a “friends” request. I felt bad about not responding but I couldn’t even remember what she looked like (it was 30 years ago!). Now, thinking about it, I feel bad and might try to find that email and be more friendly!

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