Unspectacular quirks

The Singing Librarian has tagged me to tell y’all six of my unspectactular quirks.  This is harder than it seems.  I rather like showing off (who’d’a thunk?) so while it would be a pleasure to produce spectactular quirks, unspectacular ones require much more application and effort.

  1. While I rather like things to be tidy, I’m far less bothered about them being clean.  Your immune system – use it or lose it!  I’m well socialised so I do wash, but my tolerance for dirt is distressingly high.  Well, distressing to other people.  
  2. I like jargon.  So much of it is clever or funny or both, and there are times when jargon expresses ideas more concisely than simpler language.  However, I do admit that some people use jargon as a substitute for thought, and I have a long term project to teach myself to write more simply.
  3. Ah Ha!  Let’s make that #3: I have a long term project to teach myself to write more simply. It’s much harder than it looks, writing simply.  I don’t know if I will ever master it.  It’s taking its time: at school I relished the discipline of clawing the meaning out of a piece of writing and turning it into a lucid and logical precis, and the main reason that I still blog is the writing practice it gives me.
  4. I always wear black underwear.  About 12 or 15 years ago I experienced severe social anguish in the dressing room of a health club when a svelt and glamorous woman donned her svelt and glamorous undies and I realised that my un-matching bra and knickers were socially SO-o-o-o inept.  Ever since then I’ve only ever bought and worn black undies.  Not sets – I’m too mean for that.  Just black, and hoped they match.  This is certainly a quirk, and I am far too un-svelt for my knicker choices to be spectacular.
  5. I have three browsers on my PC: Google Chrome, which I am using right now and which I like apart from the lack of a spell-checker; Firefox, which I like but which eats system resources, and IE6 which I don’t like because it doesn’t do tabs.  IE7 trashed my PC, so I trashed it.
  6.  I’ve just been to Shetland for a holiday.  Actually, I think that is rather spectacular, and I’ll write about it next week as simply as I can.  
The rules of this meme are as follows:
1. Link to the person who tagged you. – Check
2. Mention the rules. – Check
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours. – Check
4. Tag six bloggers by linking. – Ah, I feel suddenly shy about this so I am going to invite you to tag yourself.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.
6. There is no sixth rule, but I agree with the Singing Librarian who things that there should be.      


4 responses to “Unspectacular quirks

  1. Waah! I just had to do Current Addictions and one of mine was matching underwear! I have been mismatched too in my time.

    Looking forward to hearing about your spectacular holiday …

  2. Thanks for joining in. Did you have to agonise over it for as long as I did? It really isn’t easy.

    Jargon’s an interesting one. I tend to feel it should be used in the right contexts, where it will be understood. You’re right, it can carry an awful lot of meaning, but only to the initiated. I use quite a lot of library/information jargon at work, but would never dream of using it with students, as they’re not part of the group who would know the jargon.

    Thank goodness men don’t have to worry about matching underwear! The whole belt/shoes thing is complicated enough.

  3. Nice meme. Since I broke WordPress, I’ll respond here.

    1. I have a form of private Tourettes Syndrome. At least once a day, my mind will be overwhelmed by some embarrassing incident from my past – something I said or did of which I’m not proud. Without conscious thought I’ll say something random, out loud. This almost never happens when anyone can hear me. When someone can, I then have to quickly cough or otherwise cover up the inexplicable sound I’ve made. I don’t swear, I just say something like “That’s the way”, “Don’t go there”, short innocuous phrases like that. What’s odd is that it’s as involuntary as vomiting, and actually feels a bit like it.

    2. I’m obsessively, compulsively tidy… about once every three months. In between, you can’t see my floor for detritus, but on the day and for a week or two afterwards, you better not leave a coffee cup anywhere but on the draining board (NOT in the sink, I only have to take it out again before I can do the washing up!)

    3. I can operate my eyes independently like a chameleon. It’s not spectacular, in fact it’s a bit gross and childish, but it’s certainly a quirk.

    4. I’m unable to finish a book without starting another first. Comes, I think, from having been taken to the library early as a child, and developing the habit of reading four or five books in parallel rather than finishing one and moving on to the next. Right now I have about ten on the go.

    5. I can sleep anywhere.

    6. I appear to have something wrong with my body’s sense of temperature. The phrase I hear most often in my life is “Are you not cold just wearing that?”. It’s not some posing northern-lad I’m-hard-me machismo, it’s just that I really am not just tolerant but actually comfortable wearing a t-shirt until the temperature drops below about minus five Celsius. Bizarrely, this seems to annoy people. “Put a sweater on, why don’t you?”. “Er… because then I’ll be uncomfortably hot.” I worry I’ll die of hypothermia one day because it got too cold and I simply didn’t notice. This has another side effect – I have trouble finding fashionable clothes that don’t make me sweat profusely. Fashionable clothes seem aimed at people who NEED three layers on when indoors in summer. Winter clothing is a nightmare – if I’m to dress “appropriately”, I’m going to feel like I’m in a sauna. Fair hacks me off, it does.

  4. Oh, one more thing – SonofRojBlake’s Seven(th) Quirk, if you like.

    I didn’t agonise. Those were just the first six I thought of. My first thought when I read the meme was that most of my friends would probably characterise me as being entirely composed of unspectacular quirks. I always wanted, I think, to be regarded as a bit eccentric. I’m not sure I wanted to be quite this eccentric, however.

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