Absconding dogs accused of cloning Surrey missionaries by South Korean Mormons

I guess everyone has a moment when they realise that the news is beyond satire.

So: Without googling, where do you think this came from?

The woman who had her pet dog cloned by South Korean scientists flatly denied early today that she was a bail abscondee accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a male Mormon missionary more than 30 years ago in Surrey.



South Korea? Dog cloning?  Mormon missionaries? Women sexually assaulting men?  Surrey?

You wouldn’t think it’s a news item from the Times though I prefer the Mail version which includes deaf-mute mime artists; well you would if you could, wouldn’t you?

Personally I don’t think it’s a news item at all.  I think it’s a parlour game:  Write your own headline

  • Missionaries kidnapped in South Korea sexually assault cloned Mormon dogs
  • South Korean Missionary dogs absconding Mormon clones in Surrey sexual assault
  • Mormons dogging in South Korea abscond after sexually assaulting cloned Missionaries from Surrey

You have a go.  It’s fun.


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