No-Spend Days

I’ve just spent most of an evening rattling around Martin Lewis’s Money Expert website, finding it complicated, confusing and inspiring.

Among thousands of other suggestions for saving money, he suggests the idea of a No-Spend Day.

I really like the simplicity of this. In any one working day I can spend a couple of quid on parking, drop into Tesco’s Metro for a croissant for breakfast which is another quid, and then get a couple of teas and a packet of crisps while I’m at work and pop goes a fiver. That’s a hundred quid a month and it doesn’t include lunches.

I’m not bad at choking off that sort of pointless spending, but I am better some weeks than others, so I really like the idea of setting a target for no-spend days each month.

Not today though – I bought a bookshelf and spent sixty quid with Tesco’s online. And yesterday involved lunch with colleagues and an evening meal with friends, both of which were booked and re-booked several times and had become un-cancelable. And the one I spend my evenings with has committed me to going out to celebrate his housemate’s birthday tomorrow night.

No wonder I’m feeling the need for some no-spend days!

One response to “No-Spend Days

  1. As Chumbawamba once sang “Affluenza will get you down”

    Buy Nothing Day – 29th November 2008

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