I’m not very keen on roses…

… but I made an exception for these, fresh from the cottage garden of my godmother’s neighbour and brought round in a jam jar as a gift.

Summer Roses

The photograph was taken with the G800 in sunlight so bright I could barely see the image on the screen.  All I have done is take it off the phone and reduce it to 40% of its original size.

5 responses to “I’m not very keen on roses…

  1. Well captured blooms – both the gift and the photo.

    The first of the roses are opening up over the door at home.


  2. Super photo, AB. I love real roses.
    By that I mean home grown, rather than airfreighted, and ideally from an informal cottage garden rather than a Parks Department display or formal setting.

    The velvety softness of the petals – the unfurling pattern of the the petals – their colours – and above all, the smell.
    Just now I have rambling roses festooned in and across a pair of old apple trees. Sometimes I just go out there and do some deep sniffing. Very therapeutic.

  3. Roses over the door eh? Maybe that’s the way I should do it, Phil.

    Teuchter, that photo makes me want to lick them. My Ma had roses the colour of claret and the fullness of peonies which were perfumed like arabia and lasted no more than a day.

    Thanks both for dropping by and commenting.


  4. We have a white dogrose bush in our garden which I love. I like tea roses, but I like the simplicity of the dogrose as well; it’s just five petals and very delicate. Great picture Aphra.

  5. Roses around the door (finally remembered to take the photo on my way out this morning).


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