I Aten’t Dead

Please imagine an hourglass turning with zenlike calm in the middle of this blog.

I’m not entirely sure why I’ve not felt like blogging recently.  My wretched assignment was obsessing every waking thought for ages and, as I’ve noted before , when I finish an assignment I’m done with thinking for a while.  Then the newspapers were full of the horrors of the Fritzl case in Amstetten in Austria and I spent huge amounts of time thinking about them but not wanting to add to the world’s collective impertinence by blogging about them.  Now, mercifully, they are out of the papers.  (Did the Austrians impose some sort of restriction or strike some sort of deal with the press, I wonder).

So summer is here and rather than dancing on the streets I am spending two or three hours every evening listening to podcasts and painting.  You don’t realise how intricate a house is until you try edging its walls (or how filthy you have let it become until you paint its skirting boards) and this particular house is spectacularly intricate.  My kitchen, for example, has twice as much fiddly edging as you’d expect because the walls are crenelated where they meet the beams.  It’s cute and cottagey and cosy in the winter and a bastard to paint.  I do like it.

I find the whole ritual of polyfillering, sanding, edging with a brush and filling with a roller immensely soothing, though I was rather taken with paint pads when a friend of mine used them to cover up a multitude of sins in her previous house.  Though we imposed a multitude more as I recall.  I was shocked that we just got stuck in and painted without making the walls as good as possible first.  Astonishingly, the world didn’t stop spinning on its axis and you didn’t notice the dents and scars once the furniture was in. The only painting I don’t like is glossing because it is such a bitch to get a good surface, but I even enjoy painting the woodwork now that I am using a satin finish.  And priming.  Is there any greater domestic joy than transforming an improbable surface like metal or tile by using a good primer?

So I am blissfully happy and imposing three different varieties of Crown Ivory Cream on just about every hard surface in the house, though it’s two types of Tile Red for the steps down to the kitchen (smooth at the edges where the dust gathers and non slip in the middle where the tread has worn down), a cheery proprietary yellow from B&Q in the kitchen itself, and pure brilliant white for the bathroom.  I’m still not sure what colour to paint the floors.

But no blogging.


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