School’s out

Woo Hoo!

School’s Out for Summer!

It isn’t of course, I still have my day job to go to,  but I have just finished an assignment from hell: 4000 words on a subject so vague that they served waffles in the coffee-breaks.  It is one of those topics which should be impossible to fail (ha!) and at which it is certainly impossible to excel.  “This is as long as it’s broad” I said between waffle-breaks; “do you want us to consider the subject in width or in depth, because we can’t do both.”  In depth, he said, and so I’ll be criticised for not mentioning this, considering that or discussing the other.  Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  No high marks possible here.

But enough.  It’s done.  Just proof-reading and proof-reading and proof-reading to do between now and Monday when I post the bastard; “fly-fucking” as my Danish friend described the tedious process of moving a comma from, one side to, the other.

It’s May.

It’s magical marvellous May. The leaves are fresh, the lambs are running races, the cherry blossom is out, there is more green everywhere, every day.

If I could be whoever and whatever I could, I would be 35 and weigh 10 stone in May forever.  Today the temperature was perfect, warm in the sun and fresh on the skin.  I have a garden to weed, a house to paint, curtains to sew, books to read, scarves to knit, weddings to dance at, pots to plant, parties to go to, wine to drink, laughter to share, friends to delight in, and a whole blissful summer to do it all.

I’ve not felt this giddy when sober for years.

8 responses to “School’s out

  1. Now that’s probably the best summer schedule I’ve ever seen in print! I’ll sign up on the dotted line right away.

    Though I’ll probably exchange the sewing and knitting with something like mountains to walk through and … errrm … bicycles to fix and start cycling on.

    Fly-fucking. Oh yeah – it’s tedious, isn’t it? Mrs SG V had a meeting destroyed yesterday by someone who apparently loved it and surely excelled in it.

  2. I wish I could join you.

    Age 35 and size 10, I mean 😦

  3. That explains all, Aphra. I wondered why you’d been so quiet recently.

    I love May – the optimistic greening-up of everything, the rampant fecundity and the lengthening days.

  4. Good call, Santra. I’m thinking of getting a bike myself. Not actually doing anything about it. Just thinking!

    Elaine, it was nostalgia. It’s over a decade since I was 35 and I don’t think I ever was size 10!

    I’m back, Teuchter, but determined to spend as much time as I can outside this year.

    Cheers, all.


  5. I was saying earlier this week how my walk ‘cross the grounds has happily been transformed from walking over cut grass (how I love the smell of it) to a riot of colour. It is indeed a marvellous May.

  6. Yes, the laburnum’s out, and the violet and white lilac (though not yet open enough to smell – a pleasure in store!) And my nose is sore, and I realise why I’ve been sneezing recently, and being crabby and forgetful. No rose, etc…

  7. What a bouyant post – I’ve been feeling sort of down this evening but you just reminded me WHY I’m home alone, recovering from my virus – to celebrate and love this summer.

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