Much missed

About 6 months ago I signed up to the I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue newsletter, planning to attend a recording next time Humph and the crew stopped off a motorway with a 6 in it.  Then last week I got an email saying that the next season of ISIHAC had been postponed because Humph was ill.  It seems the spam mail of destiny, etc.

Here, In tribute to one of the funniest, filthiest, cleverest of gentleman-broadcasters is an illicit recording made earlier this year.  Thanks to the person who posted it, and thanks to Humph, for so much sly good humour over the years.

I didn’t know I’d miss him quite so much.  Monday nights will never be the same.


4 responses to “Much missed

  1. I loved the way the camera shook during the funniest bits.

    Over the years, ISIHAC has had me howling with laughter at its delicious silliness and gleeful smuttiness.
    My favourites were always Samantha’s excuses for leaving early and the Arrivals at the Ball. And, of course, the redoubtable Mrs Trellis.

    Humph will indeed be missed.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that – it’s delightful isn’t it.

    There are people you don’t know you’ll miss until they’ve gone, and Humph was one of them. Freddy Mercury was another – I’d no idea I’d mind his going as much as I did.

    Take care


  3. Sad indeed at Humph’s passing – ISIHAC was an absolute jewel in R4’s crown. I too had signed up for the newsletter and was planning a trip to a recording but never got round to it. Why do I always leave these things too late? It was the same with Guns’n’Roses, John Lee Hooker, and Viv Richards (two of those, of course, are not dead but nor are they now doing what they did so well).

  4. Were y’all able to catch the radio 4 tribute yesterday? Humphrey Lyttleton – A Celebration It should online for a week in case you missed it.
    Also there was another BBC piece in their news section of the website – The art of innuendo, in the magazine section.

    I’ve not yet heard all of the tribute but what I’ve heard so far is a good biography of the man.


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